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Anastasia Phaedra

Surrealist Photomanipulation

Perth-born Anastasia Phaedra is a graphic designer (BA Design Curtin) and visual artist whose works have been commissioned for an artist’s book collective, music covers and private collections. Through digital medium enhanced with watercolour and gouache, she portrays a visual memoir of ethereal surrealist statements rising from her inner most emotions depicting the extremes of a turbulent life. Glimpses of light and hope vacillating in-between the depths of anguish and despair are an intuitive, soul-stirring catharsis. Her emotive style is influenced by the whimsical, dreamy works of Christian Schloe, dark evocative expression of David Ho and the imaginative surrealism of Nicoletta Ceccoli.



Studio 3

Ellenbrook Arts HQ

34 Main Street, Ellenbrook 6069

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Fri, 12 April           10am-4pm

Mon, 15 April       10am-4pm

Tue, 16 April         10am-4pm

Wed, 17 April        10am-4pm

Thu, 18 April         10am-4pm

Fri, 19 April           10am-4pm

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