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We are thrilled to present Swan Open Studios 2024, from a humble beginning several years ago, the event continues to grow and gain momentum, and is now a signature event in the region, supported by the City of Swan.

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Encompassing an enormous and diverse tract of land, the locality of this event is spread across many suburbs and includes art spaces, libraries and private studios, all featuring artists who are living and working in the region that is defined by the political borders of the City of Swan, but far wider in its reach, bringing audiences and ideas from across the metropolitan area, including the hills and the coastal plains.

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During the ten days of this event, artists will throw open the doors to their studios and invite visitors into a dialog about their artistic process and conceptual ideas. This is an opportunity for the viewer to understand their artistic practice more deeply, and fosters a direct connection between artist and art enthusiast, promoting discussion and appreciation for the diverse forms of artistic expression, in a context far richer and more intimate than what an exhibition can offer.

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Open Studios provides an opportunity for artists to showcase their work but also creates a platform for them to engage with the local community. Visitors can ask questions, gain insights into the artistic techniques employed, and even purchase unique, one-of-a-kind pieces directly from the creators. This intimate interaction often deepens the connection between artists and their audience, forging lasting relationships that extend beyond the event.

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Ellenbrook Arts is passionate about  creating a stronger community of artists and hopes that this event allows fellow  artists to make connections. Visual artists tend to be a solitary breed and this event encourages rare moments of sharing, as the studios contain props or showcase techniques that may spark discussion and provide the impetus for curiosity about the world we share. This is an artist-led initiative held in collaboration with Ellenbrook Arts and the City of Swan, aiming to cultivate a supportive network among artists.  

In essence, this event is a celebration of our local artists in an authentic and unfiltered way, and is an opportunity for our artists to share their passion, stories and creative process with you.

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I hope you enjoy every moment of Open Studios 2024.


Gemma Ben-Ary
Executive Director
Ellenbrook Cultural Foundation

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