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Sabrina Ronzitti


Sabrina Ronzitti is a self taught artist known for her detailed, intricate and high energetic mandala paintings. Her work captivates audiences with its depth exploration of other worldly spiritual messages. With a deep passion for working with dots and mandalas, Miss Ronzitti transforms the canvases into visual narratives and focus points that transcend traditional boundaries of art into something more esoteric which activates those who look at the art. Renowned for this bold ethereal mandala style, Miss Ronzitti's work is a testament to the fusion of influences from Nature, Spiritual connection and psychic abilities. Drawing inspiration from the unseen worlds she calls the 'omnipresence of god', Miss Ronzitti seamlessly weaves together spirituality and modern art. Her result is a body of work that resonates with viewers on a deeply emotional and etheric level.



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Fri, 12 April           10am-4pm

Sat, 13 April          10am-4pm

Sat, 14 April           10am-4pm

Mon, 15 April         closed

Tue, 16 April         10am-3pm

Wed, 17 April        10am-3pm

Thu, 18 April         10am-3pm

Fri, 19 April           10am-3pm

Sat, 20 April          10am-5pm

Sun, 21 April         10am-2pm

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