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Fri, 12 April             10am-4pm

Sat, 13 April            10am-4pm

Sun, 14 April           10am-4pm

Mon, 15 April          closed

Tue, 16 April           10am-3pm

Wed, 17 April          10am-3pm

Thu, 18 April          10am-3pm

Fri, 19 April             10am-3pm

Sat, 20 April            10am-5pm

Sun, 21 April           10am-2pm

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Julie Mullins


Julie is an intuitive artist whose paintings reflect the essence of love and healing. With a background in facilitating immersive art workshops, Julie creates a gentle, fun, and laid-back environment that invites participants of all ages to explore the depths of their imagination. Her paintings are infused with layers of meaning, incorporating crystals, beads, and other assorted mediums on canvas, wood, and glass. Through her artwork, Julie encourages viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and expression without judgment. Guided by her rays of love and compassion, Julie fosters a supportive and nurturing atmosphere where creativity flourishes. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner taking your first steps into the world of painting, Julie's paintings offer a vibrant and transformative experience that may unlock hidden gems within you. Visit her exhibition to immerse yourself in her lovingly crafted artworks and explore the boundless possibilities of creative expression. (Operating out of Alchemy of Life Spiritual Wellness Centre)

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