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Belinda Eldridge


Meet Belinda Eldridge, a visual artist who specializes in wildlife and landscape paintings. With a passion for the arts that has always been a part of her life, Belinda draws inspiration from bushwalking in the Perth Hills and through art experimentation to bring light and unveil her artistic voice and style.


Belinda's artistry is reflected in her use of paints or mixed media on various surfaces such as canvas, wood, or paper. Her ultimate goal is to communicate the wonder of nature and to elicit feelings of tranquility and joy in the audience through her creations.


Apart from wildlife art, she also offers pet portrait services to commemorate the joy and love that pets bring to their owners' lives. Belinda's dedication to the arts extends beyond her own work, as she also provides guidance and support to other aspiring artists seeking to find their creative voice.


Currently, you can find Belinda at the Ellenbrook Gallery HQ for Open Studios 2024.



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Fri, 12 April              10am-4pm

Sat, 13 April             10am-4pm

Fri, 19 April              10am-4pm

Sat, 20 April             10am-4pm

Contact Artist

0422 028 555

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