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Fri, 12 April             10am-4pm

Sat, 13 April            10am-4pm

Sun, 14 April           10am-4pm

Mon, 15 April          closed

Tue, 16 April           10am-3pm

Wed, 17 April          10am-3pm

Thu, 18 April          10am-3pm

Fri, 19 April             10am-3pm

Sat, 20 April            10am-5pm

Sun, 21 April           10am-2pm

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Juniper Hill


Juniper is an Australian realistic acrylic painter and a mother to a young boy. She likes to explore the essence of ferngullys magic. Captivated by Australia’s invigorating Forrest’s, she shares the spirit and power of the land through her paintings. Juniper is a tattoo artist by trade and has spent the last ten years collaborating with one on one sessions in designing your own tattoos. Junipers paintings are a contrast of discovering your own creation of light within your dark. There is no dark without light, no light without dark. There is no fear without love and no love without fear. A balance of both, a reminder that love and safety can find you wherever you need it.

Miss Hill's creations are ignited by sound and photography and traveling. Most of her travels are to Europe and the South West of Australia. Which is where her inspiration is birthed and unified with her journey of self love and healing. 

(Operating out of Alchemy of Life Spiritual Wellness Centre)

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