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Sharon Peterkin

Visual Artist

Born in 1963 and studied Visual art at Curtin University 1988-1990, majoring in Ceramics and minor in Jewellery.

Although I love to dabble in many mediums and trained as a ceramicist, painting (and more recently pastels) have become my passion and loves.
I’m interested in how I can include meaningful symbols and the spirit meanings of animals into my work. They are an important metaphor to translate dreams, messages and to provoke the curios and amused.
The symbolism I choose is a very personal reflection of what maybe going on in my own life and the interactions with others…like little snapshots of my thoughts and processes.
More and more mix media feature in my work, particularly embroidery.
The stitching is a nod to what is usually a more traditional female art activity and together with painting mainly woman I feel what better subject to express feelings and portray stories. 
There is an element of respect to woman artists who have paved the way and overcome the limitations of their gender in order to excel.
We have lived in the historic precinct of Woodbridge since 1994 and very near the river.  I am at my happiest working from my home studio. Together with my husband (Sculpture Lee Potter) we have surrounded ourselves with a place that reflects our style, love of garden, objects and colour.
We look forward to meeting you and sharing our work, our home studio’s and beautiful Woodbridge.



Fri, 12 April           10am-4pm

Sat, 12 April          10am-4pm

Sun, 13 April         10am-4pm

Mon, 15 April        by appointment

Tue, 16 April          by appointment

Wed, 17 April         by appointment

Thu, 18 April          by appointment

Fri, 19 April            10am-4pm

Sat, 20 April           10am-4pm

Sun, 21 April          10am-4pm

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