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Behzad Alipour

Figurative and Portraiture Painting

Behzad Alipour was born in Iranian in 1986 and has lived in Western Australia since 2007. 

Behzad studied the traditional style of the old masters at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and Sweden during the summers of 2013 and 2016.

He attained Graduate Certificate in Design and Art in 2017 from Curtin University in WA.Behzad’s art is very personal. It often involves themes that some may find uncomfortable.

It is a form of exploration of existential anxieties and enquiries towards transience and memory. 

Lately, Behzad has been exploring the relationship between individuals and their autobiographical objects, particularly those personal effects that they have held close since childhood. He believes a specific object can hold a link to memories to a particular time, place and personal experiences.

Behzad’s research reaches beyond just relating to childhood memories but also the interconnection of memory with feelings related to existential anxieties and personal identity.Behzad is based in his Perth studio, and he currently conducts art workshops and painting demonstrations. 



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Sat, 20 April              9am-5pm

Sun, 21 April             9am-5pm

Contact Artist

0449 166 899

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